(this website) is primarily a "Catalog only" website now. 
Due to rising costs and technical concerns, I've decided to use ecardmodels for most sales and downloads. 
Since I already have a store there, its business as usual. 
Their eCommerce system is well established, safe and secure. 
Yes, you do have to register an account at ecardmodels to make purchases.
But rest assured your information is safe and secure, and there are other benefits, like file backup.
*I do still have a few sales items here. They have a Paypal "add to cart" button, and you can safely purchase those items directly.
Almost every item in the catalog is linked to the same item at
When you click a cover image, you will leave and go to the same item listed at 
Once you have registered an account at ecardmodels, you can buy any of my PDF model kits there. 
 If you wish to purchase multiple kits, I suggest you make a note of the titles of every kit you want.
Then, at ecardmodels, you can search my Vendor shop for each kit without having to return to papermodelshop. 
Each kit will be added to your Cart at ecardmodels, ready for final checkout and purchase.
All model kits are unassembled digital format kits (PDF) that must be downloaded and then printed by you. 
The digital model files are downloaded from within your ecardmodels account and arrive as "zipped" PDF files. 
  *you can "unzip"(unpack/extract) from within Windows or use a free software like 7zip. 
Once unpacked, PDFs are viewed and printed using a PDF Viewer (like Acrobat or FoxIt). 
You can also take your files (via portable flash drive or on your smartphone) to any Print Shop for printing. 
Please note, all kits purchased at ecardmodels are maintained as a backup if you should need to download them again.
Ecardmodels accepts payments via Paypal as well as all major Credit Card and Debit cards (via Paypal or Stripe). 
A Paypal account is not required to process Credit Card or Debit card transactions.
Just choose the desired payment method at checkout!
Information is safe and secure and the site is using the latest encryption software.
Once a digital file has been downloaded, a copy is retained on your system. 
Therefore, once a digital model file has been downloaded, there is no possibility of refund. 
All sales are final in that respect. 
From within your ecardmodels account, a record of whether a file has been downloaded is present. 
If you purchased a model by mistake or changed your mind, and have not downloaded the file yet, you can request a refund. 
    *please be advised that if Paypal is involved in a purchase, they have certain non-refundable fees 
     and as may not refund entire purchase amounts. Ecardmodels has no control over this.
By using this site you automatically agree to all related copyright and intellectual propety laws. All designs and images are the creation of, and the property of: Dave Winfield © Dave's Card Creations,  Any and all paper model kits found here are designed for personal and private use only and are not to be sold. The basic templates, designs and PDF files are also restricted from public sharing without the express permission of the author. Tags: paper model papermodel card cardmodel dave winfield airdave cutandfold paper model shop usaf raf canada forces hercules mustang thunderbolt saladin centurion tank military vehicle pt boat u-boat aircraft apollo rocket hobby tutor snowbirds spooky gunship p47 p51 b24 c130