As I get older, and my shelf space gets less and less,
I'm feeling the need to find new homes for many of my assembled models.
I get a lot of requests for already built models, so why not try to sell what I've got?!
Inventory will change as I sell kits or add more, so check back regularly.

    Please remember that safe and secure shipping is a big deal and can result in a large portion of the final price.
I'll do my best to pack and ship things as safely as possible, but also as cheap as possible.
In-person pick up of any model is the best option, and is the best way to save money and secure a safer delivery.

I'm also open to the idea of donating models to Museums or seriously worthy causes.
If you have a suggestion in that regard, I'd love to hear it.

Any displayed price for a model will not include packing and shipping costs, these will be arranged later.
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